Life on the island is far more than a house. It is unlimited access to an abundant nature that teams around it. It is seeing dolphins play as you dock your boat with the week's groceries. It’s the glint of the sun off the backs of tarpon as they migrate north for the summer. It's finding the fresh "catch of the day" shared by a fishing neighbor. It's the communion with the unknown "psyche" in the vast ocean you see, hear and feel daily. It’s the "grounding" to the earth's energy on daily barefoot beach walks.

It is nature at its most enhanced—the sun and moon phases, the stars, clouds and cool beach rains, fish, turtles and tiny crabs, varieties of seashells and green foliage. ALL of this in a safe, secluded island you and your kids can freely explore and discover.

3 Bedroom | 2 Bath | Sleeps 8

Listed at $445,000

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