Building vs. Buying

If you enjoy the island lifestyle, you might be considering building your own dream home. Here are a few considerations when deciding to build new vs. buy an existing house.


Perhaps the most important consideration. While we can always earn more money, we can never earn more time. The typical pre construction period for a new home site on the island is 1 year. This includes the process of state requirements and county requirements for coastal areas. Add to this the typical time required to build, which can be 2 to 4 years, depending on several factors. (complexity of design, weather, the challenges of getting materials to the island, limited labor and trade contractors).

Cost of New Construction

As of 2018 building on Little Gasparilla is quoted at $300 per square foot for Heated-AC areas. The cost for non-finished areas will range depending the type of structure and ground floor verses elevated floors, however a cost of $130 per square foot is a reasonable factor. This does not include the cost of land.

Cost of Land

The cost of the building site and the time required to improve the site (including all the new regulations) can be extensive. Little Gasparilla island has very few buildable lots remaining and that list becomes even smaller if you want a lot with a view and the calming gulf breeze. After all, one of the reasons for island life is to wake up to those gorgeous ocean views.

The Cook Beach House – Make It Your Next Dream

The possibilities with this beach house are endless. While the current layout is exceptional for sunset views and accommodating for larger families, you can easily customize the layout for your own family, at a fraction of the cost of building from scratch. Take a look at some of the concept drawings below as just a few ideas for making this beach home your own. 

This video displays the current architecture, with a total square footage of 3,333. The enclosed square footage (heated-AC) is 1,246.

3 bedrooms, 2 baths

Heated-AC: 1,246 sq. ft.
Unfinished: 3,333 sq. ft.

Cross Sections 


CONCEPT 1 - Enclosed lower level

This conceptual video illustrates expanding the East facing 2nd story deck and enclosing space on the lower deck.

  • Adds 3 pilings - East side
  • Level 1 (Heated-AC) adds 372 sq. ft.
  • Level 1 garage adds 118 sq. ft.
  • Level 1 outdoor shower
  • Level 2 deck to the East and South – adds 1,492 sq. ft.
  • Expand 2nd deck to the East – adds 372 sq. ft.
  • Improved front appearance with new stair system
  • Potential for full bath and 2 bedrooms on level 1

3-5 bedrooms, 2-3 baths 

Heated-AC: 1,694 sq. ft.
Unfinished: 5,020 sq. ft.



Cross Sections 

CONCEPT 2 - Enclosed Level 2

This conceptual video illustrates expanding the south-facing 2nd story deck and enclosing this space. Also enclosing the 2nd story screened patio on the West side.

  • Adds 6 pilings – South side
  • Expanded level 2 bedroom
  • Added closet to level 2 bedroom
  • Expanded level 2 great room to the South and to the West
  • Gas fireplace – West wall
  • Floor to ceiling glass walls (South and West)

3-5 bedrooms, 2-3 baths

Heated-AC: 2,290 sq. ft.
Unfinished: 5,020 sq. ft. 



Cross Sections 

CONCEPT 3 - Add 3rd Story Master Suite

This conceptual video illustrates the additional of a master suite on level 3 facing East and South with a covered balcony.

Third story master suite

  • Bedroom
  • Bath
  • Closet
  • Covered Balcony
  • Additional level 3 deck

3-6 bedrooms, 3-4 baths

Heated-AC: 2,677 sq. ft.
Unfinished: 5,260 sq. ft. 



Cross Sections 


3 Bedroom | 2 Bath | Sleeps 8

Listed at $445,000

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